Where to buy duvet covers/sheets??

  1. Hi I hav ebeen loking for a really cute duvet cover EVERYWHERE. I actually have a twin size bed so its realy hard to find.. I LOVE the duvet covers on anthropologie's website.. unfortunately all of theirs are for Queen and King beds.

    So anyone know of any websites I can check out that sell something similar to theirs or just really nice duvet covers and sheets? TIA!!
  2. Try overstock.com or smartbargins.com they usually have a lot of bedding and stuff with sales flying around here and there.
  3. I wonder if smartbargian ships to Canada? I just bought a pretty damn expensive set from this boutique... Now searching on smartbargian.com they look so cute and better price wise (considering I change my bed set for fall and summer).
  4. overstock, smartbargain, target, and of course thecompanystore.com
  5. I just bought nice sheets at Peacock Alley maybe an hour ago! LOL!

    You may try them, not sure what sizes they sell:shrugs:
  6. Another thumbs up for overstock & smartbargains. Sometimes I find quality bedding at Marshall's, Ross, TjMaxx etc... also
  7. For years I've bought all of my linens, duvet covers, blankets, etc., from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware or Bloomingdale's.
  8. ^^ Me too.
  9. If you have the store Tuesday morning near you they are great for linens. I have asked my friend to buy pottery barn duvet covers for my daybed from eBay--auctually the twin size ones seem to have a great selection on eBay.
  10. Macy's have a very wide selection. They have many brands and designs like CK, DKNY etc.
  11. Crate and Barrel has some cute twin duvet covers.
  12. Have you checked Restoration Hardware? I love that place.
  13. Sometimes Marshalls and Ross have designer bedding for really cheap. It's kind of hit or miss, but you can get some great deals. Kohl's has some really cute stuff too.
  14. I love Anthropologie's stuff too!

    Check out zgallerie.com, that's where I got my current stuff.
  15. oh yes, LOVE zgallerie!