Where to buy Dior handbags/accessories in US?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm really in love with Dior's Trotter Romantique Medium Frame bag, I would like to find matching accessories as well. I am wondering where's a good place to find Dior handbags and accessories if the following stores no longer have them? (I don't want to buy from eBay)

    Dior boutiques

    Thanks in advance. =)
  2. ^ Trotter Romantique Medium Frame bag :love:
    (picture from Eluxury)
  3. ^ Nataliam1976, thanks for replying. =)
    The bag is still available at Eluxury, but the matching accessories aren't.

    Where does everyone usually buy your Dior handbags at?
  4. I usually buy from the Dior boutique. Can you call a boutique and see if they can track down the accessories at other boutiques?