Where to buy designer bags in Winnipeg?

  1. Does any1 know? So I can send bf there :p
  2. I couldn't believe it when I saw this post! I'm actually from Winnipeg originally!! What kind of bag are you looking for? The short answer to your question is "NOWHERE." There are no designer stores or dept. stores that carry high end brands (There was a Holt Renfrew Last Call which had clearance stuff, but I think they only do personal shopping now). You basically have to order your bag from Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver etc. if you're in Winnipeg and wanting anything like Prada, Coach, LV, MJ etc.
  3. Gosh that truly sucks! I'm not sure what kind of purse im looking for..I just wanted to know where I can find some nice ones :smile: But I guess not there :push:
  4. There is a store on Academy Road called Moule. Its an awesome store.
    When I was there in the spring I saw some beautiful bags. It had great clothes too.
    They had Bulga for sure because I considered a purple one.
    You should check it out
  5. Shyloo: Wow thanks! That rocks. Maybe I should call there and see what brands they got :smile: