Where to buy delicious cupcake in Chicago?

  1. I am looking for special flavor cupcake like peanut butter flavor...any idea? TIA!!!
  2. My favorite place is called Sweet Mandy B's....you have to call to order special flavors though. Some people swear by 2 other places..."Cupcakes" and "Swirlz". I personally don't like either one of them as much.

  3. ^ thanks...do you have any address or website?
  4. I was also going to recommend Sweet Mandy B's. I live in the SF bay area now, but I used to live right around the block from Mandy B's. It's the sweetest little store, and I'm sure my ass would be much fatter if I still lived there!
  5. Sweet Mandy B's is my favorite for a cupcake too.
    Did you find what you were looking for Ilovepurse007? I know that Swirlz has the schedule of when they serve what flavors on their website.