where to buy cute flats?

  1. Hi everyone! I am looking for cute, summery, and inexpensive flats. :love: can any of your recommend an online store for me? thanks!
  2. www.zappos.com !!! They have TONS of selections (ranging from cheap to expensive) and free shipping!!!
  3. i really like coach flats! mj flats are really cute too but they are more expensive. i can usually find coach flats on clearance for ~100.
  4. Can anyone recommend a really comfortable brand that has soft backs that don't rub?
  5. Delman, Marc Jacobs, London Sole and French Sole, Jcrew.

    MJ and Jcrew are really comfortable I think. Haven't tried the other ones yet. I have Delman heels and they're SO comfortable.

    Urban Outfitters has really cheap flats for $18, but they're really uncomfortable and don't look like real shoes.
  6. i would recommend j crew. they are comfy but not very expensive.
  7. i like miss sixty
  8. kitson has a lot of cute ones.
  9. Marc Jacobs make a lot of cute flats and so does Delman. And if you have the money to spare, Lanvin ballet flats are all the rage right now!
  10. as said ina previous post, i reccomend french sole (or london soles, same thing)
  11. I recommend the Steve Madden Rudin flats. I bought two pairs and I've gotten so many compliments on my red patent leather flats. You can check them out at Zappos. They cost around $60.
  12. Oh, cool! I'll have to try these places. Because of my back, I cannot wear a heel any longer than 2" and I'm way too old to be wearing Mary Janes! Everything I've found so far has been ugly, plain or worse! You would think the 6th largest city in the US would have some decent shopping!
  13. Yeah I'm all about Zappos!