Where to buy cute coats for dogs?

  1. hello everyone,

    anyone know where to buy cute, waterproof/water-repellend coats for cold and rainy days for dogs?

    the sites should ship internationally.

    thank you in advance! :yes:
  2. I got mine from Lands End. They are waterproof on one side, and soft material on the other. And they weren't really expensive.
  3. I bought my chi the most adorable purple fur coat at PetSmart, and she hates it! She hates all clothes, actually. She refuses to move until I take it off of her. So I put it on, take her photo, and take it off.

    I also have heard that Land's End makes cute and functional coats for pets.
  4. I use petsmart, lands end, and various things from http://store.thenewyorkdogshop.com/

    Not sure about international shipping.
  5. oooh, thank you! i'm going to check these pages out. :yes:
  6. Foster's and Smith is where we got raincoats for my dogs. Even got a deal on monogramming them.
  7. thank you, speedy! ;)
  8. You are more than welcome. We also got cute bowls with dog paw prints in them, (Spike, the little black and white dog in the pic used to try to hide her bowl under a bed after she ate, so we needed something she wouldn't pick up) as well as a nice warm coat for her. She's such a Diva. They have just about anything a pet owner would want, and they even have it in sizes for my moose-dog.

    Good luck!
  9. :ty:

    your doggies are so cute! :love:
  10. Aww, thanks... they are my babies! In the pic, Girl is kissing Spike. Spike is older, she practically raised Girl. They are insperable.
  11. PetEdge.com girl!!! They are my fave due to cute styles and low prices!
  12. aw, thanks again! :heart: