where to buy comme des garcons?

  1. Other than aloharag, does anyone know an online store that carries commes des garcons? Or are there any Canadian stores that carry the label? I'm a huge fan of Rei Kawakubo, but I won't be in New York or Japan any time soon. :sad:
  2. I wish I knew. I've had the hardest time trying to find Comme des Garcons and Hysteric Glamour for sale online. Hope the rest of the ladies can help us out!
  3. I've pretty much given up trying to find Hysteric Glamour. :crybaby:
  4. yoox always has past season stuff.
  5. Thanks a bunch, pghandbag!
  6. here is a website to buy Commes des Garcons stuff.


    considering how difficult it is to find their products on the net, i think this website has a quite good selection.