Where to buy clothes for Euro winter?

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  1. I'm from Australia and will be travelling to Europe in late November.

    I need help finding sites that sell thick coats, jackets, thermals because Australian stores don't currently sell those items since we're approaching summer, and our winters don't really fall below 8C so much.. Usually it's about 15-20C?

    Preferably these clothing are on the budget end because I know I probably won't wear them much.. maybe once every 5 years? haha
    Also.. not snow/camping/skiing gear if you get me.

    I actually have no idea how warm these clothes have to be, I haven't been to the snow or somewhere that cold since I was like 8? I don't like the cold :sad:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Where in Europe will you stay? And for how long? It should also be noted that depending on your destination your current wardrobe may already contain everything you need.
  3. Yes, is all about where you're going.
  4. Whoops, sorry forgot to mention that!

    I will be going to Switzerland, Berlin, Germany, France and Netherlands for a week. Bit of a rush trip sadly.
  5. So your stay will last only one week and will be at the end of November? I wouldn't expect snowy weather then.

    In that case I would bring warmer trousers (think denim or corduroy), solid footwear and a jacket/coat that can withstand the rain. To protect you from the cold I would try layering and resort to accessories like warm scarves and so on. This is assuming you're not intending to pursue any activities like hiking where you'll be staying outdoors over a period of several hours.
  6. I'm facing a similar dilemma! I'm also from Australia and will be in Europe from the 7th of December until the 30th. Will be travelling to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich and Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland). I grew up in Queensland by the beach so I have no idea what to buy/pack for a real winter! I'm worried I'll turn up unprepared and will have a miserable time because I'm freezing :hrmm:

    Any recommendations for a good coat? I have been eyeing off various puffer jackets because they look so warm but unfortunately I don't think they're very attractive. Is there a more stylish option (are wool coats suitable for below zero temps?) or is a down coat the way to go in such cold climates? If so, what are some more stylish options that won't break the bank - I'm not very likely to wear such a jacket back home!

    And what about shoes? Are leather boots suitable for places where there will be snow? I didn't even think about the need for waterproof shoes (I wear open shoes all yr round) but fortunately for me my family are a little more savvy when it comes to these things :shame:

    Any guidance will be much appreciated!!
  7. Just so you know we have a very early winter this year here in Europe. It's already snowing in some parts and it's incredibly cold, at least in germany. We have about 5° C remaining and it's only end of October. It'll be beastly cold in the beginning of december, I can imagine.
    Make sure to have some warm shoes/boots (Uggs maybe? They should be available througout the year?)
    If you have Zara in your country, have a look at their coats and jacktes. They're not that pricey and usually warm enough. I imagine they should have the current/winter collection in Aus too?
  8. I'm not the best person to ask as its only October and I've managed to contract the flu already..

    Hopefully when I'm better and wrapped up in black shearling I'll survive the winter a bit better!!

  9. Buy Warm clothing....I've had the flu for 2 weeks so I'm always layered up - I hate winter - except for Christmas of course!!:smile:
  10. Keep yourself warm. These leather leggings will surely make you warm and stylish.
  11. is this trip for business or pleasure?
    it depends on if you are gonna be outside for a long time or not. layering is the key and warm shoes if you'll be doing walking a lot.
    try Shopbop.com or asos for inexpensive coats. i would get something with hair on the inside (real or faux) depends on your preference.
    i recalled Germany was very cold...
    have a good time in europe.
  12. Well I have been to Europe in the winter many times, Germany and Czech. It doesn't get as cold as it does in toronto or new york because of the lack of the windshield factor. There isn't that windy biting cold like it is here in Ontario. But since you are from Australia you might find it muh colder than I do. I recommend a heavy wool coat. Not from a store like topshop as that will be too cold due to the inferior quality but you don't need a Canada goose as that would be far too hot, especially if you will create a lot of heat by walking around. If temps stay at around -8 or +5 Celsius I would highly recommend a good quality coat from the likes of Burberry. Unfortunently, you really need to feel the quality of the coat to know if its warm.

    As for shoes I would wear something warm, since it isnt comfy having chilly toes. Boots such as Uggs will keep you comfortably warm. Also, they are super comfy for walking around on cobblestones streets.
  13. I'm going for pleasure :biggrin: Will be spending a little bit of time outside looking at the christmas markets and monuments, etc but I have the feeling with my intolerance for the cold these outings will be brief :P
  14. i would get a wool coat or cashmere coat that you can wear in aurstralia. and wear warm sweater + cardi underneath when you go out. warm shoes like UGG really helps.
  15. I have been eyeing off some wool Burberry and Mackage coats. They are a little more than I would like to spend considering I will have no need for them back in Australia, but I guess I could always sell them when I get back.

    I was thinking these in particular:


    I love this one too (http://www.mackage.com/ca_en/shop-online/women/wools/adelise), but it's a bit steep for 3.5 weeks of wear :sad:
    They have puffers too but as warm as they look I'm not a huge fan. Any thoughts?

    Do people in Europe actually wear Uggs outside as everyday shoes? Here in Brisbane we mainly wear them indoors as slippers! I would have thought since they're not water proof they wouldn't be all that suitable either? I was thinking more leather boots?