where to buy chloe saskia.....

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  1. Apart from NAP? I'm after the tan/brown small chloe saskia - and I know NAP have them, but just wondering who else are selling them? Or in the navy at all? Thanks! ;)
  2. Sorry, just another quick question to those girls who have this bag....is this bag big enough for day to day use? Is it large enough to fit everything (magazines/make up etc) in to take on a plane - like a travel bag? Thanks! :smile:
  3. there's currently several on sale at bluefly!
  4. Is Bluefly fine to buy from? I've heard somewhere their bags aren't the best quality or something along those lines?? :confused1:
  5. ^ Bluefly has been known to send fakes in the past; I understand that this was because they didn't tag their bags, so people were switching the real thing after they received it and returning a fake. Bluefly then "unknowingly" resent fakes out to people when they bought the same bags.

    I hear they have now rectified this, but I don't know if people are still occasionally receivng fakes.

    Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue sell saskias. I'm after a saskia clutch and can't find it anywhere, but I know those three have the other saskias, because I'm forever checking to see if "my" clutch comes in!