where to buy cheap Mulberry?

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  1. These days i am hooked in Mulberry, emmmmmm... at least 4 or 5 bags......but really i don't want to spend too much on it. You know, i need money for my YSL.

    Where can I buy it with lower price but authentic???:confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :sad: :sad:
  2. Saks has them on sale from time to time.. keep an eye out.
  3. Thxs claudia, i will ...

  4. There is a Mulberry shop in Oxfordshire, UK, at the Bicester Village Designer Outlet Mall, they have LOADS of styles and all are reduced. They may ship abroad? Mulberry not so popular in UK now....
  5. It is a reduced price shop....
  6. If you're in the United States, check out Nordstrom Rack stores and Off 5th Saks stores. Both stores seem to carry last seasons Mulberrys for low prices right now.
  7. They also have a designer outlet shop in York and a factory shop at their factory just outside Bath in the UK if you ever come to the UK! I'm not sure about Mulberry being less popular in the UK judging by the number I counted on peoples shoulders on one shopping trip in London recently - you couldn't move without bumping into another Mulberry toting chick(myself included)!
  8. Txs ClareBC. One of my friends calls Clare, I like this name...:heart:
    Is there any website I can reach them? I am not in UK, hmmm, I want to check what they have on sale firstly.

  9. I will go to US next year...but I can't wait... hehe

    Keep MY EYES on SAKS.:wlae:

  10. I am not sure if Mulberry is popular or not in UK, but here, many few people carries them.

    Anyway, I like...It's enough for the purchase reason.:jammin: