where to buy Cheap Monday Skinny Jeans online?


Feb 1, 2006
Ok, today my dog suspiciously disappeared for a while. I was happy with a moment of quietness before I realized that something might be going on. Indeed, seconds later, I discovered that one of my favorite pairs of jeans was between his teeth. After I recovered my jeans and behold there is a small hole
on the butt area. I thought about selling him to recover the damage for a minute. So now, i must find an exact or at least very similar replacement.

If anyone has mercy please help me locate one. I search high and low on the web but no luck yet. Karmaloop has one but too big for me (32). It seems that Cheap Monday is not carried by most of the online stores I know.
I bought it from Ronherman, but I don't see them on their website now.

It is by Cheap Monday,
style is Tight 5259
45 min stone wash in size 25.

The color is actually medium gray. I bought it probably two or three years ago and found it very versatile and almost goes with everything.

Please someone!!! :heart: