Where to buy Chanel?

  1. Hi,

    I'm interested in a buying a Chanel purse, any advice if I should get it at a Chanel boutique vs. Saks or NM? Any pros or cons to either?
  2. Don't stick to just one source. Try the department stores and the boutique, becuase the selection will vary. Sometimes the dept stores have exclusives that the boutiques don't buy.
  3. Really, the better thing to do is figure out what specifically you want.
    If you choose a specific store, chances are they won't have it!

    I try and use NM for all my bag purchases as I rather enjoy their InCircle program and my favorite SA is there.
  4. FYI - many Saks and NM have Chanel Boutiques inside them - they are actually run by Chanel, the SA's work for Chanel etc.
  5. Thanks for the advice ladies! I'm trying to narrow down which purse I want I'm liking the Chanel calfskin handbags. Its just so hard to decide.:love:
  6. Hmm, my SA works for NM. She is their Chanel specialist, but is employed by NM, not Chanel.
  7. Mine too! Employed by NM but in Chanel...hmmm....
  8. here is a few from Saks & Bloomies (sorry deleted the NM one):

    Boston 617-630-6000
    NY 59th 212-705-2000
    Beverly hills (Chanel) 310 275 4211
    Michigan (CHANEL) 248 643 9000
    Boca Raton (Chanel) 561-393-9100
    Palm Desert (Chanel)760-837-2900
    Ciccinati (Chanel 203-862-5300
    Columbus (Chanel) (614) 430-3500
  9. My Saks Chanel folks actually work for Chanel :yes:
  10. SAKS must be different from NM then ;)