Where to buy Chanel

  1. So where i live there are no boutiques to buy Chanel handbags, what do think the best way to but one w/o dealing with the eBay fakes?? Merci!
  2. I agree with beljwl.

    There's some Nordstrom's and Bloomingdales that also sale chanel.
  3. Hmm, personally I don't like to buy from eBay. However if you do decide to go that route...make sure to check with all the helpful and knowledgeable people on the authenticity thread and check the ebay forum page (they can help you with who to watch out for). Or you can just call a Chanel boutique, Saks, Bloomies etc. and have it shipped to you. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
  4. do you know any online ways to buy them, i didnt find chanel at the saks or bloomingdales online stores
  5. Chanel does not authorize anyone to sell online:nogood:
    If you find it online, it's either fake or consigment usually.