Where to buy Chanel in Macau?

  1. Is there a chanel store in Macau?:confused1:
  2. In Wynn Hotel, I believe.
  3. Yup, there is one at the Wynn Hotel.;)
  4. They actually have a pretty decent selection at that store. Lots of classic bags and a few seasonal bags I haven't seen elsewhere!
  5. yes, at the wynn hotel. they close late!i think midnight!:smile:
  6. I love the one at Wynn. Lovely SA's ;)
  7. *bump* is the CHANEL at the wynn the only one in Macau? My mother is going in December so I'm trying to gather intel for her. Thanks!!
  8. There is another store at The Venetian.
  9. There're 3 Chanel boutiques, located in Four Seasons Macau, Wynn Macau & Wynn Palace.
  10. Report from CHANEL at Wynn: lots of minis! 2 chevron minis (1 black, 1 coral/red), other classic quilitied minis (khaki, white, orange) all lambskin in LGHW. Also has a black lambskin chevron WOC in LGHW

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