Where to buy cashmere cardigans...in Vegas

  1. I know it is almost summer, but there is no nice shopping where i live, if everything goes as planned i should be going to Vegas soon, fingers crossed, anyway where would i be able to find some nice cashmere cardigans and sweaters, i like the long sleeved ones and the ones that i can wear nice tank tops underneath, also what is the good place to buy figure fitting tees, or any good place to shop for cool, funky clothes, i love clothes so any sugestions for cool, funky, casual, anything is wellcome. Thank you guys and sorry for the long post !!!
  2. you won't find much this time of year, its all summer summer summer, Vegas doesn't sell a ton of sweaters any time of year....I would wait until fall and then buy online. I did see some cashmere on sale at jcrew.com but I'm not sure if that's what youre looking for
  3. I kind of figured i wont find much in Vegas, but hey it was worth a try, thank you though !
  4. Land's End has great cashmere cardigans, and they're available year round.