Where to buy Burberry Prorsum?

  1. I'm in love with Burberry Prorsum's fall collection (the ready-to-wear as well), but I'm not sure where to get it. Do they sell them alongside the mainstream Burberry in the same store? I'm going to the SF store this summer so any info on that particular one would be appreciated. :biggrin:
  2. Burberry stores carry the line, my dept stores do not. Also, their burberry.com website has had some in teh past.
  3. In Australia, a Burberry Prorsum boutique just opened :smile:
    I don't know how it is like in other countries, but Prorsum line here is only carried at their Prorsum boutiques and department stores don't carry them :sad:
  4. the nyc store has a prorsum dept
  5. heya! where is the burberry Prorsum store? i live in melbourne, pls tell me its in melb instead of sydney!:confused1:
  6. Sorry, :sad: its in sydney. You might like to visit sydney to visit the burberry prosum store:yes: The store recently opened ( early this year), and i noticed that they are starting to get few bags from the runway.Last time i went there, they had all manor bags on display~~:P They recently sent me a postcard saying that burberry collection items have arrived!:yahoo: I might go check it out soon:wlae: :wlae: