Where to buy Bloch ballet flats?

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  1. I did a google search but didn't see any websites I'm familiar with/know and trust.

  2. Tay uses bloch ballet shoes..both pointe and regular ones.
    I get Tays at the ballet store by me.Look in your yellow pages for ballet stores,they specialize in fitting your foot in the proper shoe
  3. Hey Jill! No no, Bloch makes ballet flats for street walking! LOL They're called like Bloch Couture.... they have rubber soles, etc....

    I used to do ballet too! I always wore Freed pointe shoes.
  4. ooooh!LOL!
    I dunno about ones with soles for outdoors....hmmm....they dont have a website?
  5. Bloch just recently started selling on shopbop!!!
  6. also Urban Outfitters carries them
  7. uh oh..Tay likes them too..LMAO!
  8. Hmm, can't seem to find them on their website. I'm looking for the canvas ones, although I did see the leather ones on shopbop.... maybe they stopped making the canvas flats. Hmm.
  9. I bought mine at tobi.com but I think there's only one pair left right now.
  10. I wore both Bloch & Freed pointe shoes! Bloch more often than Freed because I could find them easier, but I liked the look of the Freed more.
  11. I had no idea Bloch made street shoes. I've been wearing the ballet slippers for years. They're my favorite brand. It seems that most of the people at my studio either choose to wear Bloch or Sansha.

    I'll have to look into these wearing out-and-about shoes!
  12. oh my... I loved my ballet shoes so much... I think I may love these too!
  13. I bought a pair of jazz shoes from Bloch and wore them as outdoor shoes. They were really comfy! I know in Australia Bloch actually has a few stores around...have you checked the Yellow Pages to find out if there's a store near you?