Where to buy BBag?

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  1. Hello everyone-

    I've been dying to have a black city bag for the 2 years but I can't seem to find a store that carries it. I'm from the SF Bay Area and would rather prefer to purchase it in person rather than somewhere online, but I read somewhere that you need to fax in your order.

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a bbag?

  2. you can go to any store that carries balenciaga and if they dont have it, they will get it from another store and you can come and pick it up. at least my neimans does that
  3. hi. this should go under the shopping forum. if you search the threads there, you should be able to read related posts on where to shop for bbags.

    online stores:
    aloharag.com (this should be the one to fax or email order)

    there're a few more. just spend some time reading the threads.
  4. i just called the neiman marcus in SF and they do have it. thanks! since i didn't see it on their website, i thought that they didnt carry it.
  5. no problem. lol. balenciaga isnt sold online at all.
  6. HI!

    How do you order your BBbag from neimans?by phone?can they post to my place?

    THANK YOU:smile:
  7. Well only certain Neiman's carry Balenciaga but you can call any of them and they can check the stock. San Francisco Union Square Neiman's has a good selection. You can order over the phone and they can send it to you if they have it. Just call them and ask; I think the salespeople at that Neiman's are very nice and they should answer all your questions.