Where to buy Balenciagas in Vancouver?


What, me worry?
Dec 30, 2007
The Cool Cool North
Because Holt Renfrew stock is so limited, many Canadians shop from Aloha Rag and ******. Both are in the US. Both will ship to Canada. Aloha Rag carries a larger inventory and charges regular retail. ****** has a smaller inventory but if she has what you are looking for, her prices are better than retail. I have had personal experience with ****** and I only ever hear superlatives about both of them.
Thanks, both of you. I was hoping to buy locally but I guess not :sad:
I know, it's so frustrating. I was in HR the other day, I wanted to see a black GSH (or even GGH!) City-they didn't have a single one. They only had ONE black GSH bag in black (a work). It's so frustrating always having to order online or wait until we travel somewhere that does have a Bal store/boutique.