Where to buy Balenciaga????

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I think I'm falling in love with the Bbags!!!! I'm a Chanel and LV fan but beginning to add Balenciaga to my collection. Where can I shop for Bbags. Is it sold at NM or Saks? Thanks a million! :smile:
  2. I am right behind you, kenix. I have been staying up late feverishly learning all about the different styles and trying desperately to figure out which one to get first. The problem is that there isn't a single retailer in the whole state of Missouri! And I really think I need to TRY some of these babies on first?! Believe me, I have studied lots of the photos of the celebs and regular girls here but it is so hard to make a decision. I am 6 feet tall and cannot have any small thingie like a "First". But I don't want to slug around a huge bag either. Anyway - you just have to read all the educational threads and see the online re-sale retailers as well. Then apparently there is something about feeling the leather too!!! Bbags have a variety of leather thicknesses- something that I never considered in my many Chloe purchases. And then choosing a color or a stud size!!! - YIKES! It all started when my husband and I took a trip to Italy last month and I did experience some Bbags up close at Luisaviaroma. Now I can't stop the Balenciaga tape running through my head.:wacko: