Where to buy bags in price range of $50-$100 each?

  1. I know I am practically excluding all branded names in that price range. But at times there may be nice and decent design from that class. Any good online shop you grls can recommend?
  2. Cheaper bags are easier to find in my opinion. But lots of bags in that price range don't really have strong brand identity. There are LOTS of bags in that range though so if I were you, I wouldn't shop by brand but by style. Try eBay since you're not looking for anything specific.
  3. I like the purses from Wilson's Leather (www.wilsonsleather.com). They have some especially good sales and I've found some great purses from $25 to $40.

    I've also found some great vintage Coach and Dooney on eBay for under $100. They may have a few scuffs but they look great with a little leather polish.

    Fossil purses are cool (www.fossil.com) but their prices are creeping up over $100 into the $200-plus range. Best to look for them on sale at a local dept. store.
  4. Sometimes you can get bags in this range at Bluefly when they're having a sale.

    Not online, but I've found some great bags at TJMaxx and Marshalls in this price range.
  5. A lot of department stores (not including high-end ones like NM, Saks, Bloomie's, etc) have brands in this price range, especially when they're on sale, like Fossil, Style & Co, Alfani, Steve Madden, etc.
  6. Try outlets! Like, Off Saks or Nordstrom Rack or the Coach outlet...they have a LOT of decent bags for under $100 or just a bit above, like I got my leather Soho Flap for about $120.

    Also try places like TJ*Maxx, Loehmann's and Marshall's.

    Finally, Macy's always has a lot of bags for 30%-50% off..putting them in your price range. I just got an all leather wallet for $20 because of the 50% off sale!

    Not online, I know [except for Macy's] but maybe you can get to one of these stores.

  7. Try zappos.com
  8. I don't shop online but if you can get to TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Loehmann's they often have nice Italian brand bags in that range.
  9. The Maxx brand of bags can be pretty nice, and you can find them on sale online a lot of times.
  10. I'd recommend Urban Outfitters, maybe. If you don't mind sorting through stuff, department stores and outlets are great. You can find designer stuff at great markdowns at consignment stores and thrift stores are great for original vintage leather finds
  11. If you can find Hype bags on sale they are in that price range, and some of them are really nice. I prefer the simple designs but they have some more elaborate ones as well.
  12. Marshalls and TJMaxx for sure...and definitely try the outlets.
  13. Bluefly have some. You can also try your local outlets and factory stores.
    I'm not familar with TJ Maxx but I've seen people snag pretty good deals from that store.
  14. Amazon.com (just make sure you select amazon.com under "sellers"), smartbargains.com, bluefly.com. You can find lots of great bags for <$100, but you basically have to check the sites everyday, because the good one usually disappear fast.
  15. I like the bags by BEBE, they're really good quality leather and around that price range I guess..