Where to buy authentic Prada tricks?

  1. Hi all, I was admiring the pictures of the Prada tricks some of the ladies in the Balenciaga forum have attached to their bags. Does anyone know of any reputable sellers on eBay, or any other places I can find an authentic one? Do they even make them anymore, or was that a couple of years ago?
  2. Tricks??? Gosh don't know what you're talking about--there's only one thing that comes to mine when you say tricks and you can't attach it to a bag. LOL

    Sorry no help here.
  3. do u have pics?:tup:
  4. Please forgive my ignorance -- what are tricks?
  5. Yes, thank you, that is what I meant. I didn't mean for it to sound dirty, LOL, but that is what they are called!

  7. I got my big trick ('Hook') when I bought my Prada coat (it came with it - free!) and the regular saffiano robot trick for 50 euros in a store in the Hague (de rode loper), the Netherlands. They had almost every trick, all for 50 euros. So if you're in the Netherlands, stop by!