Where to buy authentic LV bag online?

  1. hey ladies n gents...does anyone know a good, authentic site that i can order LV from?
    Besides eluxury of course because they do not send to canada..
    so any help would be great! thx
  2. Elux is the ONLY site to buy LV from. You can sometimes get new from eBay but that's another story for another day =) There are many second hand LV stores on the web - somewhere on here there is a list of reputable ones.
  3. yea, i figured. o well. elux should start changing some rules and sending to canada for once..last time i checked the reps said they were workin on it. but who knows
  4. there is a thread in "shopping" I believe with reliable online sellers-
  5. Let-Trade have always seem to be extremely reputable, everyone always speaks highly of them
  6. Hi,

    I have been busy with work lately. Just had time to browse the site to take the stress away:yes:. I am really a Fendi bag collector but just recently bought a LV alma bag and Gucci belt bag. Anyways, I would like to know where I can buy an authentic LV bag online and has international shipping to Asia. Although, our LV store has all the designs, it is only for display. You need to queue or be wait listed for the bag you like! Appreciate your help. Next time, I will show my collection. Thanks:balloon:
  7. Thanks. Visited the eluxury site but it does not ship to Asia!
  8. Mmm... as far as I know eluxury is the only authorised etailer of LV items. You could try the myus.com thing where you can set up a US mailing address and they forward your items for you. I haven't tried it out myself but lots of people recommend it.
  9. If you don't mind buying pre-owned LV, you can try Let-Trade. Let-Trade is an LV reseller whose merchandise is always authentic. Many members here have purchased from Let-Trade. http://www.let-trade.com
  10. How did you determine that your LV store only carries display and waitlisted items? That is most likely to be incorrect. I've never heard of an LV branch that did not sell LV.

    In Manila there is a Louis Vuitton store. (All stores are listed on www.vuitton.com) Have you tried going in and speaking to salespeople there? I'm sure you can get any LV you wish. Good luck!
  11. Yup, been there the Louis Vuitton store in Greenbelt, Manila. I wanted to buy "Never full bag" and "speedy 30 azur" but was told by the sales associate that I will be wait listed. The list is 10 pages!
  12. Thanks. Will check the site.