Where to buy authentic Chloe bags?

  1. Well I know that nm, Saks, net-a-porter, etc. are reliable but are there any other sites that anyone knows about that sell authentic stuff? I was looking at 3 sites in particualr; diabro.net, euro bella collection, and luisa via roma. They all look lagit. but I can't really tell. If there is anyone who has shopped any any 3 of these online stores please let me know!
    Jamie Lynn
  2. Jamielynn - I posted a response to your other message but wanted to add that I have ordered from Luis Via Roma and my Chloe was authentic. I haven't ordered from Diabro but have read they are authentic and I don't know about Euro Bella. Hope this helps.
  3. Aloha Rag has authentic Chloe - that's where I bought my chocolate front pocket and rouge paddingtons. I got my cute key ring from LVR - also authentic. I've received other authentic high-end bags from Overstock and Bluefly too.

    I've heard that Diabro and Ann's Fabulous Finds also sell authentic Chloe but I would search tPF for posts to verify. Good luck!
  4. Thanks so much for you imput. Im living at my mom's house for the summer and an no where close to any stores that sell high-end stuff. :sad: ALso, Whats LVR?
  5. luisa via roma
  6. Well I went to order off LVR and didnt. I dont understand what DUU taxes are and how to find out what they would be or even how to pay them. I also purchased a large bugatti in muscade from Nordstroms today. Someone returned it and I guess I was in the right place at the right time. I dont know if I like it though, its kinda big.