Where to buy authentic black timeless clutch?

  1. Hello,
    Does anybody know where to buy an authentic black timeless clutch? Thanks
  2. I saw a few at Saks in Scottsdale/Phx.
  3. NM Charlotte has some; I purchased one from them last weekend.
  4. I saw them at several Saks. They are not sold out so they should be able to track one down for you. I've seen them in caviar, patent and lambskin.
  5. I saw one in my boutique a few weeks ago. I don't think they are hard to find at all in black.
  6. NM, Chanel, Saks or Nordstrom:yes:
    My NM had several last time I was in.
  7. Saks Bala Cynwyd, Pa and NM King of Prussia has this bag!
  8. are they part of the permanent collection?

  9. yes...

  10. cool. What colors do they come in? other than white and black?
  11. My boutique had some so you should be able to find them around.
  12. they also come in red and a coral color in python.
    Also come in lack or white perforated leather.
  13. :yes: