Where to buy Aralaine?

  1. I'm really sorry i didn't buy one last year and now i can't seem to find any.
    Am thinking of claret or chocolate brown.
    Any suggestions of where to buy online? I've googled, but no joy :confused1:

    Thanks in advance
  2. I think if you go to one of the outlets? Sarajane has just been to Shepton Mallet outlet and I'm sure she saw some,if she drops in later I'm sure she'll give you all the details!! If there are any there the outlet will post to you and its next day delivery if you call them fairly early on!!xxxxxxxxxx
  3. Oops - apologies for the spelling error :rolleyes:

    I'm actually based in Ireland and the outlets won't post here :nogood:
  4. OH bugger!!! Tell you what if I come across a choc one in Cheshire Oaks,its opening very soon,you ring them and pay for it and I'll post it over and you can send me a cheque for the postage? Or if one can be located in any of the other Uk outlets do the same,I would probably have to get it sent to me as I don't think Sophie would be overly chuffed at being in the car for 2 1/2 hours!! But then same as before I can send it on to you????

  5. Sorry but that won't work! when i ordered from the outlet they said they will only send the item to the address where the credit card is registered -Sooooooooooo Chaz you'd probably have to find one at Cheshire oaks. Sorry for butting in guys!
  6. They did have Araline at Shepton Mallet on Friday. I remember seeing it in tangerine and green. Not sure if they had claret or chocolate. It might be worth calling them and seeing if you can twist their arm re posting to Ireland. Or could you get it sent to an address in NIreland?
  7. Thats ok Jo,thinking about it you are absolutely right,I think the Cheshire Oaks option would be best,if it was paid for by someone else they may not even let me collect it to send on unless instructions at the point of payment could be arranged?? She could pass them my details and explain her difficulties,it could be worth a go,but it seems unlikely. And as she does'nt know me she may not want to pay me to go and get it for her,but it is an option,I'll see what she thinks if she comes on later!!xxxxxxxxx
  8. Unless when you are in store holding the araline you can get her on the phone to pay by credit card??? Long shot methinks!

    calgal- maybe keep an eye out on e-bay and get it authenticated on here if one appears!
  9. Chaz - thank you so much - i really appreciate your offer!
    However i do think what flyvetjo says is correct, they do actually confirm the credit card payment against the postal address or at least that is what they told me over the phone.
    Hmmmmmm, not sure how to make it work. I guess if you were going to Cheshire oaks one day i could ring in advance and see if they had any instock and see if i could pay over phone, would they allow pick up?
    Just double thinking on colours now again, not sure about the chocolate after all!
    Will also keep an eye on eBay too.
    Thanks so much again
  10. There were a fair few Araline's at Bicester, have you spoken to them to see if they would post.
  11. Hi riffraff - yes i spoke to Bicester and they won't post, thank you.