Where to buy appleguard in Los Angeles area??

  1. to be more specific, I live up near Magic Mtn. Anyone have any ideas where I might be able to buy appleguard or have any other suggestions on what works just as well??


    I could venture into the valley but not farther than say Northridge, Burbank or Sherman Oaks.

    or does anyone have a link for online purchase??
  2. you can buy it online.
  3. where online??
  4. I ordered the Appleguard and the cleaner/conditioner online. They were backorded on the cleaner/conditioner. This is the response they sent me:

    "We are sorry for the delay in your order. It have been held up because we have sold out of the Apple Leather Care Kits, and have not received our replenishment shipment from Apple Corporation. We have been in contact with the regional manager in charge of the production of this product, and were told that basically, that Apple Corporation had over sold the Leather Care Kits this past year due to he great response of customers, and that their production of the Apple Leather Care Kits was scheduled to begin January 30, 2008. Since we have called and let them know the serious situation that they have put us in by not being able to fill our request, they have moved up the production to begin immediately. This means that we can start shipping again by January 23rd. We apologize for any inconvenience, and wanted to keep you informed as to the delay. We value your patronage as our customer and try to give good customer service, but sometimes we are at the mercy of our suppliers. We appreciate your patience in this matter, and want to let you know that we will give your order priority as soon as we receive the Apple Leather Care Kits from the factory.

    Thank you,
    Customer Service
  5. Forgot to mention......... I'm in Orange County, and I couldn't find it anywhere either. Easier to order online www.leatherstuff.com. The Appleguard arrived in a few days.
  6. which one exactly did you order cuz I see there are different types??