Where to buy Apple Guarde online

  1. I know someone posted this info at some point, but I've seached the forum and can't find it. Can someone please post the website again? Many thanks!!!
  2. You can buy it at leatherstuff.com
  3. Thank you!
  4. Burlington Coat Factory in the leather coats section.
  5. I got mine at leatherstuff.com too. That stuff is great!
  6. It's the spray you've all used, correct?
  7. You guys are great! I have been looking for this stuff and keep getting sidetracked from going to Burlington or other leather stores! Thanks so much!
  8. It's a good site. The shipping is cheap, too. Only like 5 bucks and it comes in like four days or so. I also get the leather conditioner. They have great products.
  9. I use the spray (apple garde) and the creme conditioner.