Where to buy a personal shriek alarm?

  1. I'm looking for a shriek alarm. The kind that fits in your purse and delivers a huge blast of sound at the press of a button.

    I can find shriek alarms online but I want to be certain it sounds really nasty so I want to buy one at a local store.

    Can anyone tell me the types or names of stores selling shriek alarms?

    Why I need one: I've had it with telemarketers calling my cell phone.:boxing:

    Spam calls to my home phone are bad enough. But I do not want calls from telemarketers when I am driving. Telemarketer calls to my cell provoke a level of anger that makes me an unsafe driver.

    The evil telemarketing companies have figured out a way to skirt DoNotCall.gov The devil companies just hire people overseas! So now my spam calls are coming from India.

    I can complain all I want but our FCC cannot punish companies outside the US. :cursing:

    I'm ready for war. :mad:

    I want a shriek alarm. :noggin:

    I thought Radio Shack would have them.
    Not so - at least not in my local stores.

    Anyone know stores where I test and buy a really irritating shriek alarm?

    Thanks lots for your help!
  2. LOLLLL unfortunately, i do not know where to get them, but when you find out, DO tell! :graucho:

    i thought you were going to use it to fend off guys but totally :roflmfao: now that you're using it to fend off telemarketers!!! HEHEHEH

    tell us how it goes once you find it and start using it on them!!
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao: I thought there was going to be a safety reason. This is too funny! I have no clue where to get them, but please post when you find out!
  5. Yale do good alarms but now sure if they are available in the US? They sell them in WHSmith over here in the UK. Hoping someone from the US can help!
  6. I laughed so hard when I read this. Make sure you protect your ears, though!
  7. Hi, Gals

    My quest for a local shriek alarm vendor failed. My town is too safe (which is part of why I moved here).

    But a Rite Aid SA had a great idea. A tiny alarm meant for your house window.


    When the two sides are aligned, as in the pic, the alarm is quiet. But when you move one part, a loud shriek sounds.

    So I bought one and have it next to my phone at home.

    Telemarketers beware!
  8. Let me try the pic again -


    Pic insert doesn't seem to be working. See a photo here
  9. First off, these people are simply doing their jobs. I don't see why they need to have their hearing possibly impaired cause you're slightly annoyed. Second, doing that will not magically get you removed from their lists.
    I'd suggest simply not answering any unknown numbers.
  10. I think they got what you want i hope so :biggrin:

    If that is the case, you should try searching on eBay.

  11. I'm sure in the SIX years since OP posted this, she's no doubt found a shriek alarm.
    Either that or just always let it go to voicemail like everyone else does.