Where to Buy a Dustbag?

  1. Hi! I bought a Mulberry Emmy in the Neiman Marcus sale (Tysons Cnr VA), and although they put it in one of their (NM) dustbags (which measures 18inches by 18inches) this really isn't big enough. It did not come supplied with a Mulberry Dustbag, and when I called the store they said that their sale Emmy didn't have a dustbag.

    Does anybody have any ideas where I could buy a dustbag (it doesn't have to be a mulberry one) that measures at least 20 inches by 20 inches? My sewing skills aren't very good, otherwise I'd make one.

    I wasn't sure which forum to post in, sorry if this is the wrong one, and thanks for any advice! Dcgal.
  2. When lacking a dustbag, I go to my old standby: a flannel pillowcase. I don't know if standard sizes are really big enough for your bag, but I've used them with great success for many years for many bags.
  3. I have seen dustbags for sale on eBay before. Look for a Mulberry one, then search for others if you can't find one by Mulberry.

    gregsgirl :heart:
  4. Thanks Daisygamgee and Gregsgirl - some great ideas. Hadn't even thought of a pillowcase! I'm sure I've got one big enough somewhere - and in the meantime I'll keep my eyes out on eBay (nothing big enough on there right now!).
    Thanks again, DCGal:smile:
  5. I've never bought one myself, but many people have bought them off of eBay before!
  6. I've bought different dustbags from eBay. A pillowcase works as well, but I understand wanting one that goes with your bag.