Where to buy a CITY in black?? Neiman Marcus ?

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I'm from Germany and I'm searching for a City in black or vert fonce - these bags are absolutely gorgeous :yahoo:


    I've read in TPF that NeimanMarcus and Nordstrom have made a reduction at the moment, but since I can't call them (too expensive from Germany and my English is not so good :shrugs:) I've tried to get some information by email - unfortunately without results, they only announced a link to their store location page, but I can't find their some email-addresses of the several stores.

    Do you have an idea what to do? Perhaps somebody has some more information about the bags available and the prices?

    Hugs from Germany :flowers:

  2. The black and vert fonce cities are not going to be on sale at any stores here in the US.
  3. Bal NY still have black cities in GSH, but not too sure about RH.
  4. you probably should look in the shopping forum. good luck.
  5. Barneys NY has them, but not on the website- only in stores, and not on sale.
    Good Luck!
  6. aloha rag has them. just email then and they send you pictures and a price list. they are very good and fast at responding
  7. lizthebaglady, can you name me their homepage or email-address please? I cannot find them in the internet.. :confused1:
  8. Aloharag.com
    Balenciaga is not on their website so you have to call them and their number is on the website or email at- love@aloharag.com
    I am pretty sure they are out of Black City but may have a SGH Black City.
    They will get some 08 's in but i don't know when. they are wonderful to deal with!
  9. Barneys in Mass had a couple black cities last week, w/rh.