Where to buy 2nd hand or previous season bbags?

  1. Hi guys,

    I was thinking, as lots of people are always looking for bags from previous season/second hand bags, it might be nice to compile a list of online stores that stock these bags that aren't eBay?

    Also maybe we could put down names of stores not to buy from, i think someone mentioned bluefly as being a fake dealer?
  2. realdealcollection.com, or affectionately known as RDC, sells pre-loved bbags. eBay is not an option for me too..
  3. annsfabulousfinds or ebay.
  4. That's actually on the reputable stores list as well. If you go down to the web-only section, there are a number of consignment/second-hand stores on there -- the ones already mentioned plus a couple of others. It's easy to miss in there, since the list is so exhaustive, but they're there!