Where To Authenticate This Balenciaga I Bought

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  1. I'm new to this forum,so please forgive me if i can't find my way around. I'm trying to find out if there is a way to authenticate my Balenciaga i bought at an estate sale of a lady in Tacoma who had a wonderfully large collection of only authentic designer purses(you should of seen her collection!). I was told it is the Le Dix Motorcycle Model. I love the chocolate almost wine color to it,but i'll probably sell it. My main love is GUCCI'S and my collection of authentic purses is way too large! Is there a boutique or store i can take it where they will clean,condition and authenticate it like Hermes does? Thanks for any info. Just love this forum,really addicting!(almost as bad as chocolate!)
  2. u can post some pics and put it on the authenticate this thread, or take it to the nearest balenciaga stores where u live.
  3. Yeah, we could definitely authenticate it for you here if you post pics!

    And welcome!
  4. Thank you sooo much! I knew i found heaven when i found this purse blog. I've been looking all over this forum for the thread to authenticate it but being new,i'm lost. So here are the pictures of the balenciaga i bought. I hope it was o.k. to put them here. The numbers on the front plate are N o 0870 B,with 103208 underneather. On the back is 103208-213048 with Made in Italy underneath.
    Dsc05191.jpg Dsc05192.jpg Dsc05195.jpg Dsc05194.jpg
  5. Uh oh, bad news, I think it's fake. :crybaby: Can you post a clear pic of the bales (the hardware that attaches the strap to the bag)? And maybe a better pic of the tag?

    They look like this (pics courtesy of atelier.naff):


    The mods will probably move this post to the "Authenticate this Balenciaga" thread so if it disappears, that's where it went.
  6. Thanks for the info,i appreciate it! Here is a pic of the hardware. Hope it helps and i'll try to find that other thread in the forum that you mentioned. Thanks again!!
    Dsc05211.jpg Dsc05212.jpg Dsc05213.jpg Dsc05214.jpg
  7. Yep, definitely fake I'm afraid. The bales give it away. Do you mind sharing how much you paid?
  8. ^^^oh bummer, designerwear, it is fake!

    pictures 5212, 5213 and 5214 show square bales - a sure sign of a fake.
  9. another point, the metal tag inside the bag is rusting at the corners:wtf: . If I am not wrong, and based on several sources in my family (cousins), the authentic doesnt rust!
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