Where there's inferno there's smoke!

  1. Okay....I bought a beautiful print placement inferno denaro last week from an eBay seller. I mentioned it last week....did an early BIN and paid paypal so I don't have any kind of feedback thing I can fall back on! (figures right? first time I've done it and now this!) Anyway, I opened it up and it had a very heavy cigarette smoke odor!!! It was def. new...still had tags but it stunk like smoke! I sprayed the "protect all" on it yesterday...2 applications...and it still smelled...then I febreezed it for overnight..and it still smells "like a fire" as my son puts it.

    Should I ask for some $$ back? I mean....if I could have gotten it out I would have just let it go...but....the other crummy thing is that she lied to me and said she shipped it out last friday and it was postmarked Monday. I had been worried because it was taking so long to go from KY to TN ! ! She originally told me she'd ship Thursday, so this wallet took 6 days to get to me...and then it smells of smoke!

    What should I say or do with this seller? Since I didn't pay through eBay?
  2. Unless she specified in her auction that it came from a smoke-free home you can't really do much. But you could drop her a gentle note and let her know that your denaro arrived smelling smoky and maybe in the future she might want to keep her eBay wares stored in smoke-free rooms.

    And even though she did lie about when she sent out the wallet, you really can't do much about it because you received it anyway.

    I'm not sure of how to remove the smoke odor from your denaro - it'll go away eventually but it just sucks that you can't necessarily use it now.
  3. The lying is the part that really ticked me off. Why lie to a customer? I just don't understand? I'd rather the truth be told than make someone worry that they got ripped off or it was lost in the mail.
  4. do you remember who the seller was? I bought my BV on ebay a few weeks ago and the seller didnt even bother to specify that it was NOT coming from a smoke free home. when I received the item it REEKED of cigar smoke :yucky: I had to air it out FOREVER and spray it with febreeze almost every day. Its still very faint smelling now - I was just annoyed.
  5. it was trinny04
  6. Keep in mind that depending on where she mailed it she may indeed have mailed it Friday and not had it postmarked until Monday!

    I live in the middle of nowhere. My "local" post office is 16 miles away. I either have to drive there to mail stuff, or drive 20+ miles into "town".

    Or I can mail it at the mail stop next to SafeWay 8 miles away. So if I mail it on a Friday after 5 it doesn't actually get taken to the post office until Saturday at 5. And by the time it gets back to the post office it ends up actually not getting "mailed" (postmarked) until Monday!

    As for the smoky smell... BLECH!!! I hope that spraying the Protect-All on it before you got rid of the smell didn't seal it in!
  7. yeah...that's what I was thinking AFTER I came up with the idea of febreeze!!!!! I would have febreezed it first if I'd thought of it!

    Her email sounded vague and she wasn't answering my direct questions......I believe she didn't send it when she said....but that's okay. I'm just FED up with waiting forever for my packages! Even when the town is only 125 miles away!

    Well I guess I'll just have stinky money! hahahaha! I thought that the nasty smell of the protect all would cancel out the smoke smell....and it did until it dried. Then it was back to smoke smell again. (But it wasn't as bad)
  8. :lol: you crack me up !! lol ...maybe you should hang your denaro outside so the wind can blow the smoke out? :lol:
  9. Ew, that sucks! I would complain if it really bugged me that much lolz. I wouldn't want a toki that reeked that bad hah.
  10. Store the denaro in a box of strawberry Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats. *lol* I had a ziploc bag of that cereal in my Inferno BV to take to school... My bag just smells like sweet strawberry cereal now. *lol* It's yummy!
  11. annie b - Awww sorry to hear about your denaro! Febreeze! Air it out! Stick it in from of a fan! Stick it in a lovely smelling cereal box! What ever does the trick.. ;)

    Maya - you make me want my honey bunches of oats right now.. mmMmm cereal..
  12. LOL!! I'd leave it under the sun for a while and febreeze it. the smell will definitely go away...thats what I do with my blankets and pillows. Its very asian..but they didnt have washing machine back then, so the older ppl would teach us to just leave it under the sun, so the smell would go away and whatever bacteria thats sitting on there will eventually die. lol. i tried that with my bag and works like charm. i am around smokers 24/7 and i tried to keep them smoke free. lol
  13. THANKS FOR THE TIPS GUYS! Most of the smell is inside the bill pocket...so its kind of hard to keep that part open..maybe I'll shove some strawberry cereal inside th pocket? hahahaha! Its worth a try...I just stuck some bills in it yesterday thinking the money would suck up the smoke smell and then when I spend the $$ the smell would be gone!:tender: :amazed: Lets see...strawberry sounds much better though...and the sun! as long as the sun doesn't fade the color?