Where the Red Fern Grows

  1. Has anyone seen the movie Where the Red Fern Grows??? Such a saaadd movie! I have a Red Bone Coonhound, and the end is just heart-breaking...:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: You have no idea!!! My fiancee and I just bawled and bawled! It was sooo sad!

    If you've seen this movie, what did you think of it?
  2. I haven't seen the movie but I have read the book to my students. I always cry while I'm reading it. Many of my kids will cry too. :sad: :sad: I probably need to check out the movie.
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  4. I haven't watched this movie in a couple decades but do remember it being horribly sad.
  5. We read the book in my 5th grade class (a looong time ago), but haven't seen the movie. It is a sad story, but a great book. Now I'm curious about the movie...
  6. ^^^Well, I'd never read the book, though I should have, but I just watched the movie because my SIL to be told me that "Little Ann" looks just like my Dakota. And I wanted to see the little redbone coonhounds, but I ended up sobbing like a baby....lol...it really hits you when a dog that looks exactly like yours dies in a movie:crybaby:
  7. I have read the book and have seen the movie. It is very sad so I don't like to watch the movie. It is however, a very good classic.
  8. I read the book many times when I was younger and it was awesome but totally sad..I don't think I could watch the movie!
  9. My husband swears this is the saddest movie ever, I say it is Old Yeller...it is a really good movie though, the book was great too but so depressing. Wasn't there a sequal too?
  10. I read the book when I was in 4th grade, and its so sad. I didn't know it was a movie, I'll have to see it.
  11. This is still one of my favorite stories! I must've read it over 10 times and it still makes me cry. The movie is pretty close to the book and is definitely a tearjerker.