Where the heck is this Chanel??

  1. Its on the home page of bluefly.com. The little white one with silver chain handles. I dont know anyting about them. But I LOVE IT!:love: Do you know where I can buy it and how much it is?:blink:
  2. Is it the white knit one that you can supposedly win on the itbag giveaway? or a different one? (there's no chanel bag on my home page of bluefly)
  3. Yeah, yeah! The one you can supposidely win:nuts:
  4. There's a girl in a yellow floral D & G dress on the home page for me. . . I don't know!{?}
  5. Hi Swanky,
    I guess its not the home page. Its the page that comes in my e-mail to try and win the free "it" bag of the day. Have any clue?
  6. Ahhh, I deleted mine today already.
  7. Can you c/p it for us?
  8. Oh my gosh,
    I am way computer illeterate:shame: , I dont even know how to post a link:sad2: darn it!
  9. [​IMG] is it this one, by any chance?
  10. If it is this one, I would love to get some information on it as well because I absolutely love it!
  11. Rans . . .
    right click on the pic you want to save and save it to your computer.
    Come back here and attach it under "Manage Attachments" by browsing for it on your computer.
  12. Yahoooo!!:nuts: Yes, this is it! Can someone please tell us where to get this?
  13. Oooh, I was hoping it was this one ranskimmie, this is one of my dream bags!
  14. It's not at my local Chanel boutiques . . . I'm thinking it could be coming soon{?}
  15. Well if anyone finally finds this bag or has any info. Would you please, please, pm me? Thanks sooooo much!