1. Hello all! I was wondering if anyone out there knows the Chanel Cambon line well?

    I just recently purchased a Chanel Cambon Medium tote in the color WHITE but I rarely see the medium tote white cambons here in the US!! I heard a rumor that the white totes weren't made avialable to the US but I have no clue, could someone please educate me on this lol

    If any gals out there own a Chanel Cambon tote, feel free to voice your thoughts! Is there any finer details to look for to make sure the tote is authentic? ( i.e. the stiching, the knot tied handles, etc)

    your opinons are much appreicated, thank you!!!

  2. Hi and welcome!!!

    Look at the hologram sticker and card. I noticed that alot of the fakes have a different color leather tab the hologram sits on. For example, if the inside lining is pink, the leather on the hologram should also be pink.

    Also, sometimes the font is completly wrong or a known fake number.

    I also noticed on the fakes that the CC's in the lining are too big and sparse.

    P.S. I havent heard that rumor.
  3. I have a white medium cambon tote that I bought in NY. They were available in the US, but they discontinued the white color some time ago. so, if there's any left, they are few and far between. Where did you purchase your white tote?
  4. Yeah..my friend had a fake medium one and tried to tell me it was exclusive to Japan. It was obvious that it wasn't, they wouldn't change THAT many things about it (lining, feel of the leather, grommets etc.) but I never said anything.
    Anyway they did have the color here but I don't think it was available as readily as the other colors...I think people were afraid of carrying the white one white, actually.
  5. I saw white cambons in Nordstrom Seattle :smile:

  6. Hi there!

    Thanks for your info! Well the lining inside the white cambon tote is a hot pink, and im kinda scared because only one side of the leather tab is pink, and the other side of the tab where the hologram sticker sits on is not pink!! yikes!!! the side where the hologram sticker sits on is gray, but the other side is pink. also, it's strange, because on the hologram sticker on the far right side says " chanel " sideways on it, like 2 times in black. Is that common?..

    As far as the lining of the CC's inside, im not sure if they are too big. The stiching appears to be good but maybe if i take a few pics I can post it on here.

    How embarassing, barely my 2nd post and I don't even know my own bag lol

    Thanks for the warm welcome though! :yes:

  7. The white medium cambon tote was purchased from Hirshleifer's in NY. I didn't buy it myself, i bought it from someone else. She gave me the " original" Hirshleifer's receipit but I live in CA and we don't have a Hirshleifers here lol. I have the receipt but honestly, I don't even know what an original Hirshleifers receipt looks like, and this one is sorta big. The receipt doesn't look like a tradtional receipt where it's long and in in a retangle shape. This one is like a square shape w/ the date purchased, the associate's name, the store's address and # etc.

    Honestly I am so ashamed if this bag isn't authentic. I can't find a white medium cambon tote anywhere! :shrugs:
  8. Wow, I wish the Nordstrom here in CA sold Chanel! You are so lucky to have a Nordstrom in Seattle that sells Chanel Yorelica!