Where the heck are the Vacanze Dolces?

  1. I've seen only 1 on eBay and I don't think anyone here has mentioned getting one.

    Where the heck are the Vacanze Dolces????
  2. The only one I've seen is the one vmasterz had posted. Didn't JapanLA get some in? I wonder if Pulse got any? I don't think anyone else has posted any pics.
  3. I've noticed that too. The big bags seem to be in large supply. I've seen so many Zuccas, but only a couple dolces. I know it's not a discontinued style, so it is kind of weird.
  4. i saw tons today but i'm in canada.
  5. ^^That's it!! They were all shipped to Canada!!! :nuts:

    QueenLouis!!!! We posted that at the same time!! :roflmfao:haha
  6. They all went to Canada!!!!! No fair.:boxing:
  7. JapanLA had one left when I called.
  8. i just visited a new store that opened in chicago which had a vacanze dolce.

    the store's name is jugrnaut and their phone number is: 312-435-4635.

    hope this helps!
  9. I actually pre-ordered one from Pulse but let it go awhile back. I was afraid with vacanze print so big I needed a bigger bag to see it all! :smile: Hope you find one!!
  10. Ack! I just saw that UT listed one last night at 19:00 PDT, but it was NOT showing up when I searched. And like the other one UT put up, it was bought at 4:00-ish PDT. - Why wouldn't it show up on eBay when it was listed??????
  11. Do you have the address or the cross-streets where they're located?
  12. yes. the address is: 427 S. Dearborn St.. it's inbetween congress and van beuren..but closer to congress. :smile:
  13. OMG. That's so close to where I work!!!! Did they have Toki's before Vacanze? I'm gonna kick myself if they did!!!
  14. I saw that they have a MySpace page and they have some older prints listed, like Pirata and Lamore. I am gonna check it out today!
  15. the store just newly opened, so they didn't have any of the older prints. when i talked to the guys at the store, they told me that they ordered whatever they could get their hands on from lesportsac. i think notte is the oldest style they received and then l'amore, then pirata, etc. the bag shipment they received was their first, so u didn't miss out on anything.

    i just wish there were more places to find toki bags here in chi-town!!! argh.