Where the heck are the louis vuittons???

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  1. I know there is probably a thread about this, but I am too lazy to find it. Where are the beloved LV's???? I can't find one anywhere. I swear they are lying to us about inventory. Give me a break..... so there is hardly any product in any of your boutique stores???? Doubtful.
  2. I recently went to LV store and whatever bag i ask, they say its sold out.There are only 2 or 3 on display.I am very disappointed.
  3. Same thing here in Jacksonville, Florida where I live!
  4. Sometimes do you think is gd that the stocks are low or out?

    To me, it means LV really put in effort in their QC... they required much more time to finish one bag and moreover there's so many LV boutiques worldwide, they can't possible satisfy everyone in a short period of time.

    If the stocks came too quickly, i really will suspect whether did they make those bags hastily, who knows they have more defects than usual? This is one thing i do not want to see. Plus the hardware, leather, fabric and canvas.....all need time to come out and then put together in order to produce a bag.

  5. Please check the Shopping section for a current thread, thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.