Where Should The Jills Go Next??LOL!

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  1. As you all know,Jillybean and I went to Paris together in November.Had a blast..LOves her !We now want to plan our next trip in March..as both our birthdays are then..
    We seem to be leaning towards a HOT location..where we can be bums and get a tan.....ok..and shop..lmao......
    any suggestions for us?
    Much appreciated!
  2. Aussieland! :yes:

    March is a beautiful time of year here! Not too hot and not too cold! If you want to work on your tan, then I suggest you visit the Great Barrier Reef where you can see Nemo. Lots of beautiful beaches there. A short, 1 hour, flight from there is Sydney where you can see the famous Harbour Bridge and Opera House. If you want to shop for Australian designer clothes, then Sydney is the place to visit. Then an hour from there is Melbourne where you'll find (me :shame:smile: the best food! And you'll get to experience four seasons in one day! We regularly have rain, hail and sunshine on the same day! There's beautiful beaches here too. Not as warm though, so it won't help with the tan thing. If you love food and coffee, Melbourne is the place to visit!
  3. Italy!
  4. Thailand? You could take Selena along too!
  5. Yeah, definitely someplace warm! All of my big vacations have been less than tropical (Russia, Ireland, France, etc.), so if anyone can suggest an island to look at-that would be awesome!
  6. Yes, you must hit an island so you can sit on the beach and sip mojitos. But it has to be an island WITH shopping!
  7. St. Thomas?
  8. Hawaii
    St. Maarten
  9. Bermuda.
  10. Turks and Caicos
  11. Hawaii!
  12. Australia's an Island!!! How about Monte Carlo? Oh, or Dubai? Or Amsterdam - YEAHHHHHH!
  13. Dubai :biggrin:
  14. I like Monte Carlo..been there but I think its not warm in March..anyone know?
  15. nowhere in europe is really that warm in march.. but the med is definitely bearable :sweatdrop:

    i really want to go to turks&caicos so i vote for that! :nuts: