Where should the date code be on a Croissant MM?

  1. First, I'd like to wish my fellow PF'ers a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007 (and more LV!)

    OK: A couple years ago I bought at croissant MM from eBay, paid about $500, it was in pretty mint condition, etc. I've never had it authenticated but the girl that sold it to me put a special 'tag' on it that if it was removed, couldn't be returned for a refund so I felt comfortable in my purchase (at the time). I've since given that bag to my mother but have always wondered if it indeed was a real LV or a super fake....I'm so scared to find out the answer but tonight when I was over my parents house I asked my mother if I could look at the bag and the date code was stamped inside, I assumed it was inside one of the pockets but it wasn't, but saw the following code: FV0081, so I already know what the #'s mean but can someone tell me what "FV" stands for? I hope I wasn't duped-I will be soooo upset!!! I just need to know if it's legit!!! :s
  2. Oh no.. I have never seen a FV...can you check just to be sure Antonia
  3. i hope its real....! ive never heard of that code before either....

  4. I don't have the bag here, it's with my mother but I'm pretty darn sure it was FV....the heat stamp inside says made in France. It looks and feels real (soft and plyable and not plasticky) and the leather strap is thick, not flimsy-red alcantara interior, etc. I've learned a lot since I've joined this forum and so I thought I'd ask the experts...It was the first time I've bought LV on eBay, but I don't think I'd ever do it again!!! :sad:
  5. Antonia:
    You purchased this a couple of years ago like two or three? So its not a vintage piece. FV0081 does not seem to be a valid date code. I have another book to check and I will post my findings ok.
    Gosh I am sorry for the news:sad:

  6. Thanks...I appreciate your help! I look forward to hearing from you although I'm not feeling too confident right now :sad:
  7. I'm sorry, I do not find that date code to be a valid one. I sure hope that someone else can prove otherwise..:sad: