where should i store my bags?

  1. i don't know! where is the best/safest place to store bags that aren't in use? THANKS!
  2. I store my bags in their dust bags and in a wardrobe. Here's an old pic - things have changed in their considerably since then! :shame:
    closed.jpg open.jpg
  3. nice setup! is that in your bedroom? i need to be discreet... i had them in a closet, then in the attic, but the attic seemed a bit too 'raw' w/ the fall weather coming in... i just want them to be safe.
  4. in their dust bags and protected behind "closed doors" is a great idea! away from dust, light, moths, moisture etc..
    you're right, the attic seems an exposed sort of place! plus, being so inaccesible.. i'd miss being close by =)

    right now mine just hang from a hat rack in my dressing room, or sit on a bookshelf.. but i'd like to have them in their dustbags, and in a wardrobe / boxes on a shelf / drawers

    if it's long term storage, stuff some acid-free paper in there to prevent creasing and sticking of leather folds, and to absorb moisture too.
  5. Mine are always in my sauna. Our family never uses it anyway, so it's a pretty good place imo cuz it's in the basement, super dark, dry, and the wood helps to suck up extra moisture.
  6. I just store mine in their dustbags and then for the ones with boxes, I place them in and then they go in the guest bedroom cupboard. Oh, and I stuff them when they're not in use so they dont lose their shape.
  7. I like your wardrobe! IKEA, right? My boyfriend and I have the dressers and nightstands from that collection
  8. Love your set up Addy!!! So classy and they´re safe and sound there.

    I keep mine in the dustbags in the closet. I would like a closet just for my bags but at this appartement there´s not enough room.
  9. Yep great set up Addy!! It looks super organized. I just keep mine in the dust bags and boxes and store them away in the closet. :sad: I think I'm going to get a Rubbermaid box and put them all in...
  10. In the dust bags.

    I've heard that you shouldn't store them in boxes, mostly because the depreviation of air may dry out the bags. I believe there's a member on our board who's had issues with that and her keepall.

    You should take out your bags once a month to "air them out" as well ! :yes:
  11. Thanks! Yes, that's the wall across from the foot of my bed. It is VERY discreet - no one would know what is in there when the doors are shut. Just looks like a clothing wardrobe. :graucho:
  12. Yup, cheap chic! :lol: DH suggested it when my bags occupied most of the dressers and the closet shelf. Really, they were everywhere! So he bought two singles and put them together. I love my DH!
  13. Thanks ladies! The wardrobes aren't air-tight so the bags have room to breathe which is important. Jen, just make sure you don't snap shut the lid if you're going to use Rubbermaid - need to keep the air circulating around the goods! :lol:
  14. Mine reside in their dustbags inside a Wood Chest/trunk that I purchased from Word Market..(I think that was the name) anyhooo....It is 100% wood...this way no-one can see them and no-one would ever look there...most people think blankets are in there:yes:

    Addy~ I too :heart: IKEA...I have that same line as my entertainment system!