Where should I sell my brand new Chanel? (not in this forum)

  1. I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to sell stuff in this forum, so I need suggestion where should I sell my bag?

    There's nothing wrong with the bag, I'm just not really loving it.

    any advise will be appreciated.. TIA ;)
  2. Yes you should try eBay. Good Luck;)
  3. Where did you purchase it? Most stores (Saks, NM, Nordstrom) will allow a return if the tag is still attached even after two months have passed. . If you purchased it at a boutique they will most likely allow an exchange versus a refund, especially an in-demand bag that would turn a commission quickly.

    I know people will argue that it's "used", but if it is in immaculate condition after only two wearings it really shouldn't matter. Think of buying a bag off the display floor that people have tried on and maybe unstuffed and put their things inside for a test drive. Or someone doing a charge-send, trying out a bag at home and sending it back to the store. Same thing really. To me, once human hands have touched it (besides my own), the bag is used.
  4. Return it while you still can.
  5. yeah.. I'm thinking of returning it but my SA will notice since I always buy from him, and he saw me use it once.. is that ok? I feel bad returning it

    I bought it at NM, I know I still can return it for full price, I just feel bad about it
  6. ^I think you can't return a bag that is used already?
  7. If you've used it, try eBay. If you offer it under retail, you should be able to sell it.
  8. may i asked how did you use it if the tags are still attached? sorry if the question is absurd. :smile:
  9. I think since it is used, you should try ebay, and not return it to NM, especially when your SA knows you've used it. On ebay, potential buyers know what they're getting and can choose a used bag for the price break they get. Look at the posts on the pf in which people are so upset and disappointed with their long-awaited, spanking new, expensive bags that they paid full price for, that have turned out to be used instead. The fact that the tag is still on doesn't erase the use in the eyes of the next buyer. JMO.
  10. please don't return a used bag to the retailer:nogood:
    eBay is a good place:yes:
  11. Ebay it is then.. thaks for the input ladies.. wish me luck so I can get blk reiisue :smile:
  12. good luck!

    it's funny. i have 2 bags that i've used but kept the tags on it. they're on the inside zipper so i just tucked them in the pocket where i keep the authenticity card and the other stuff it came with. it's not to resell it as new- i just have a hard time cutting the tags off i don't need to. it's a weird personal glitch. lol.