Where should I donate my clothes?

  1. What do you do with your clothes that you no longer wear?

    If you donate, where do you donate to?

    My room/closet is looking like a total mess. I don't wear half of the clothes there! Some are too small, too big, or I wonder why I even bought it! Some items are used and some still have the tag on it. Jeeez...I am such a pack rat.

    Ladies, please help me. I'd like to donate some clothes I have but I dont have a salvation army drop off box near me. What are some other places to donate to? Any ideas would be great. Thanks!:smile::smile:
  2. I sell my old/new clothes I wont wear most on eBay or to a consignment store (like Platos Closet). Im such a bad person. :p But when I do donate them, its either towards Goodwill, Salvation Army, or our church if they are collecting clothing. Maybe you could check out your church? The only other thing I can think of is to get a carboard box, put "Free Clothing" on it, and leave it outside your house. Im not very creative!
  3. Goodwill and Salvation Army....or i send them to my homeland...El Salvador.
  4. I work at a psych. hospital and our patients need clothes. Is there a state facility/school nearby?
  5. Oh goody, this a useful thread. I never know what to do with stuff that I don't like anymore, I just push it to one side of my closet.
  6. Goodwill or salvation army. I usually donate my kid's clothes to our churche's childrens clothing sale.
  7. If they're nice designer clothes I sell them on eBay. But things like t-shirts and my more casual clothes I give to the battered women's shelter or a church.
  8. I donate clothes to Sutter Hospital by my house. They usually give us a receipt but we never use it for tax purposes, whe should use it uh?? I would like to sell DH's jeans and some other stuff to platos but I was told they give you sh** for it, even when they are designer items. I rather donathe than help them to make money.
  9. There is a charity called Dress for Success. That'd be the best place to donate to if you have nice clothes/work clothes. They provide low income women with outfits to wear to job interviews and such. It's a good charity.

    Here is their website:
  10. Do you have a Big Brothers/Big Sisters around your area?

    If you do, you can call them up, and schedule a pick up of stuff....anything from clothes to furniture. I think they'll leave reciept too.

    Also, depending...sometimes you can donate to nearby churches or shelters.
  11. You can also donate to the VietNam Veterans of America--they accept almost everything, and the profits go to veteran services. They also will come and pick up your goodies (in most areas) and leave a receipt for you--you don't even need to be home. They come about once a month. If you live in an area where they do not pick up, they will tell you where to drop things off. I'm very pleased with their work--I've actually seen a couple of their thrift shops and they are very well run.
  12. I donate my clothes locally to Kidney Clothes Hawaii. It's just the most convenient since they do curb side pick up. They send notices about once a month when they're coming around my block. I know other charitable organizations also do pickups, you just might have to call and ask them to come. :yes:

    My dad also brings my old clothes to the Philippines when he goes there on trips.
  13. My mom and I always donate clothes and toys to the salvation army.