where should i buy

  1. at Neimans they have only 1 black first if i want one that hasnt been on display they have to order it from another Neimans or should i order from balenciaga NY where would i get get better quality
  2. It is completely up to you! Black is a color that is always around! You could try to call around and locate it from another store too.
  3. Chunky, can you please ask several questions in one post? There is no need to ask 5 questions right in a row on different posts. It really clutters up the board and you will probably get more and better responses to your questions. :yes:
  4. Munky, I don't mind taking a display bag as long as I can see it first. if the leather and everything looks great, then I am fine with it.

    The bags I have ordered thru BalNY have been great, and I feel I was lucky. I hate to take a chance on getting a bag sight unseen, you never know what the leather will look like.

  5. hahahaa, I thought I was the only one noticing that. :p

    black is classic and will never go out of style!
  6. I am going to move this to the shopping sub