Where should I buy a flat iron from???


Jun 11, 2006
Hi everyone! I'm new to this section of the board. In fact, it's my first time in here at all. I'm one of those people that doesn't usually wear make up and goes out with sun block, lip balm, and hair tied up in a pony tail. I'm trying to change that now and decided to invest in a flat iron after my stylist used one on me (first time a flat iron ever touched my hair!). She recommended that I buy a brand called Chi but warned me that they are about $200. So my questions are:

1. Where do they sell these? I seriously can only think of drug stores or Target that might sell hair tools.

2. Is there a place that sells them for a discount (Aside from Ebay--BTW are these faked?)? I found this site on MUA but I'm not sure if it is legit.


3. Should I stay away from professional salon tools? My friend's mom owns a small salon so I was thinking maybe I should try and have her order one for me.

Thank you for any advice offered! :flowers:
Jul 30, 2006
hi liz :smile:

CHI irons are a professional iron so you can buy it from folica (they are very reputable)

i would stay away from ebay because they are faked.

you could also try and order them from your friends salon, however i'm not sure how much a discount stylists get on chi irons (sorry)

but folica is a great site to order from :smile: :tup:
Jun 18, 2008
I got a CHI at Ulta and they were having a huge sale. It was during Christmas last year. I think it was normally $150 or close, and I got it for $75. They will try to sell you the Chi spray and it is worth it, you do need it to protect your hair. If you can, maybe hold off for a sale. I am glad I got mine on sale because now I only use it once every month, if that.


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Jul 6, 2007
Sephora sells ghd and if you get their free beauty advisor loyalty card you can get a couple of freebees since they are about $200.

I got my Chi from Ulta last year when they were having a sale and with their discount coupon I got it for about $75, but see above re: the possibility of harming your hair. It might still be ok, but make certain your hair is dry and use some kind of protecting spray. There are also some good products (Treseme makes a good one) that help diminish frizz & help smooth the hair and cut the blowdrying drying time. This can help you use the straightening iron less when you get to that step.


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Oct 18, 2005
I would seriously advise against getting a CHI - they're expensive and NOT nearly what they're cracked up to be unless your hair tends to be very oily. They're really drying and screwed up my hair badly. Plus, they didn't do that great of a job after I got mine home - it always worked better for my stylist.

Well, I changed stylists and bought a GHD. They're a little more than $200, but I've had it for a year and my hair has healed from all the damage that the CHI did to it, plus I can get the same results as my stylist with the GHD every time. Sephora sells GHD and they usually have a 20% friends and family code during November, so you might want to wait if it's not urgent.


Oct 3, 2008
I bought a SEDU on ebay ... and although I was skeptical, it's definitely the BEST I've ever used. It's super light weight and makes my hair the smoothest. I've had 2 chi's and a handful I bought from conair,remington years ago. I feel as though the SEDU makes my hair smoothest and I love the heat adjustment on it.

The salon I go to uses GHD and those work wonders as well.


Jun 6, 2007
The easy thing to do is just make sure that the parts that get hot aren't rough- go with ceramic instead of metal. Make sure the edges of the plate are rounded and not squared off or sharp edges, and the plastic around the ceramic plates is thin so it doesn't interfere with getting your hair smooth. The tiny rounded flat irons are for super short hair that would be difficult to flat iron otherwise. Not all irons have the feature where it shuts itself off if you leave it sit, so if that is important to you be sure to look for it. Always use a protectant before heat styling hair.


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Jul 25, 2006
Sephora sells GHD and they usually have a 20% friends and family code during November, so you might want to wait if it's not urgent.

That was going to be my suggestion too - order a GHD Styler IV during the Sephora Friends & Family event! I :heart: my GHD and Sephora is an authorized reseller of GHD products.
Sep 5, 2008
hiya, i recommend CHI as well, the original one (which is the best one) sells for about $99
buy from a beauty store if you can, folica is always promoting their own inferior products

however, you should start out with a round vented brush and blow dryer before using flat irons imo, less chance for damage and you discover what your hair can handle more readily

personally, i only use flat iron to create waves, curls, etc. as it deflates straight hair