where should a swingpack hit?

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  1. i might buy a sp this wkend on a treck to the USA. where should it fall on my hip? i m only 4"7 and dont wanna look silly
  2. ....depends on where it feels comfortable to you. I think most girls wear them right at the hip if you're going to do crossbody. Try it on and play with it in front of the mirror. I have a hippie bag that I wear a little above my hip and over my shoulder but when I wear it crossbody, I now wear it really low..whatever you like and is comfortable. Which swingpack are you wanting to get?
  3. I always wondered this too, except I am a foot and an inch taller than OP! It will barely reach my hip hee hee.
  4. I'm a foot and 3 inches taller than her! LOL...I just make it work wherever it hits.:tup:
  5. i guess everyone always has some sort of height issue, eh? lol
  6. You can get extenders to put on your strap to make them longer. There is a guy that sells all kinds of hardware for purses on eBay and if anyone can help me out with a link, that would be awesome, because I can't find it. I used the strap from a Dooney wristlet I had and it works well.
  7. I'm 5'0" and mine hits right at my hip with about another 4 inches that can be let out on the strap. I'm also "busty" (to put it mildly) so that may make a bit of a difference as well....if not for the girls it would probably hit lower.