Where should a diamond circle necklace hit? collar bone? lower? Help!

  1. A family member's eternity band was turned into a diamond circle necklace and put on a 16" chain. Apparently it hits her beneath the hollow of her neck and she feels it might be better if it were longer. Does anyone have an opinion? Thanks for your input.
  2. i think the bigger the circle the lower the better. but it sounds like that the circle isn't that big so it would look appropriate at the collar bone level.
  3. I'd say a little longer than collar.
  4. ITA :yes:
  5. I think it is something you have to play around with on the person in question. I have found that womens collar bones and necks vary so much and therefore each person would look better with a length that took into account these factors. eg my collar bones are small, whereas my Mums are much larger and more prominent. We often look better and feel more comfortable with different lengths. Also the same neclace will sit very differently on each of us.

    I think the most important factor will be what is comfortable for the wearer!
  6. I like my pendants to hit in my "nook" of my collarbone, unless they are big, then about 2" lower.
  7. To judge the length of a pendant on a chain for me, I lean over and make sure my chin can't get caught in the loop of the necklace. It's just my own personal technique. Then, I have the jeweler shorten it to my preferred length.
  8. collar bone!!!