where r the luxury line pics?

  1. :weird: I wanna know?
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Oh me likey! I saw these on the weekend.
  4. does anyone have pics of the denim bags from this collection?
  5. ooh those are pretty! i would love it in metallic
  6. here's my bowling bag in black.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    it's a lovely bag!!!

    here's the silver

  7. Bryanboy you look fab! I love your bowler bag.
  8. ^^ OMG! You're jealous of me!! That's so cool, lol. I saw another one at the NM in San Diego and at the Chanel store in Costa Mesa, CA... Don't know if you could get it--but it's an option.
  9. Hi Bryanboy, glad to see you posting here.

    Wanna know a secret? I didn't even know about the Chanel luxury bags until I saw your blog about a month ago. I visit regularly.;)

    Now I have a gold metallic bowling bag. I LOVE it of course.:love:
  10. LOL I'm done with Luxury by Chanel. I already got a black and silver metallic bowling bag... and a denim is on its way to me and i should be getting it any day now.

    one more chanel bag and i'm going straight to chanel hell. ;)
  11. :smile: :smile:

    The gold one is beautiful! I wish I got the gold instead of silver...
  12. All of the bags are fabulous and I love the way you wear them Bryanboy. :smile: