Where Or Where In Michigan???

  1. HI!

    For weeks I've been stressing over what to be my first (I'm sure not my last) Bbag! I've gone btw Day to City to Shrug to Purse and now Twiggy!! I'm completely TORN. So the only thing I could think was to be able to go and look and try on! Since I"m shorter (5'2 and not a totaly skinny minny) AND I have a toddler who ends up stuffing a couple matchbox cars, etc. in it!

    So question....
    1. What size would you recommend for a 5'2 w/a little bit of meat on her bones :P

    2. Does anyone know of shop in MI in the Detroit area that carries Bal?????

    THANKS LADIES!:flowers:
  2. For new balenciaga owners...I always recommend the city. It'll carry everything you'll ever need and then some.It's the perfect size to carry around during the day...heck I even carry it around at night to fancy restaurants too. It just works.

    by the way do you have a color in mind ?
  3. I am 5'0 and not a skinny minny either and I love the Twiggy. It really holds a great deal as well! Twiggy gets my vote. Plus, it is quite easy to find things as it's shallow and long, rather than narrow and deep.

    I wish you well,

  4. Bridget and Hellosunshine,

    Thank you so much for your help! I'm so glad to have some ideas of what would make a great first purchase. I've found on Ebay a Shopping style in a deep brown and that one is really catching my interest.

    WHen it comes to color....I'm thinking of something more basic for my first Bbag purchase. Like, brown, reds, deep blue......maybe a deep gray. I wear a lot of basic colors, jeans, black, brown, cream, so I think a punch of color would be great. That is why I'm leaning toward the red colors.
  5. Black, browns, creams, those would look amazing with the new Rouge Vif, gives it a total punch of colour and pretty much goes with everything!

    I wish you well,

  6. Bridget,

    Thank you! I love the reds....they seem like such a great go with anything color.